Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wake up Slow....

This song
It's meant to keep you
From doin' what your supposed to
Like wakin' up too early
Maybe we could sleep in
I'll make you banana pancakes
Pretend like it's the weekend now
And we could pretend it all the time...Jack Johnson 

        My husband and I have a little house rule that we both try to live by. Every single day when those reports have been handed in, the computers have been shut down, and we step foot out of the stuffy office and into fresh air we are officially on vacation. We erase any of the days stresses- day care drop offs/ pickups, 9 am meetings, the constant ringing of the office telephones, and that nagging pile (you know the “I really don’t feel like doing that but how long can that pile sit there” work) and breathe a sigh a relief. We make the most of the rest of the evening together. And even though it seems as though we don’t have many hours left in the day we find a way to pack in so much togetherness and laughter that is seems as though we were never even away from home. We eat dinner as a family, take a walk or go to the park, and just enjoy the rest of what the day has to offer. But my favorite part of the day is when we all crawl into bed together. The three of us under the fluffy white down comforter like a cloud in heaven. We cuddle, we read, we laugh….a time where we truly have each other’s undivided attention. And like clockwork every single night Eddie’s eyes get heavy around 8:30pm and he falls asleep in between Ed and I. We carry him to his crib where he sleeps till morning and the rest of the night is for the two of us.

       Just like we end the day on Friday nights we begin it on Saturday mornings. As soon as Eddie wakes up Ed or myself carries him from his crib into our room where we just lay in bed a little longer. Watch a show, read a book…wake up slow. We have been doing this since the moment we carried our precious new bundle home. “There is a special connectedness that happens there, a family in bed, socks on our feet, and no agendas to tend too. Monday through Friday our lives are filled with other people. Saturday mornings are just for us.” Then we make breakfast as a family (Eddie LOVES to stir the pancake batter) and we see what the rest of the day brings.

       Many people have given us their opinions and advice about letting Eddie fall asleep in our bed. “Don’t let your kids sleep in your bed-you will create a bad habit” “You will spoil them” “It will ruin your marriage.” All meant well I am sure(and I am sure I would think differently if it weren’t for the fact that from 8pm to 8 am Eddie sleeps in his own room)….but I will never forget my best friend telling me once about an episode of Rachel Ray where Salma Hayek talked about her children. When asked what was the best advice she has ever gotten she said her mother once told her, “Always rock your babies to sleep because one day they will be too big and you will wish you could hold them again.” One day my children will be too big to cuddle. They will have other places to be on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.One day they will have their own families to wake up slow with…..but until then I am going to savor every single cuddle, kiss, and hug I have. <3 

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