Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sometimes Mommy Cries

I see your red hair gleaming 
As I watch you run around. 
Your smile as bright as the sun
That's shining on the ground.

Tears are streaming down my face 
In your tracks they stop you now.
You begin to examine me all around
"Mama are you hurt, and how?"

But my dear sweet little one 
Mama's wounds you can not see.
For the pain that I feel at times
Is rooted deep inside of me.

It's nothing that you have done
And sometimes I am not sure why.
It's nothing that your daddy has done
Just sometimes mommy cries.

I cry for loved ones I have lost
And the mistakes I have made.
But rest asure my sweet little one
This life I  would not trade.

I cry to drown my insecurities
Like sandcastles engulfed by a wave.
Hoping they just wash away 
So to my emotions I won't be a slave.

But sweet little one do not  worry
Mommy will be just fine.
It's just that every now and again
Mommy has to cry. CMZ