Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Letter to My Sweet Boy. 19 Things I Hope You Learn.

To my sweet little boy,

     In a couple of months you are going to be three and then shortly after that you will be starting preschool. Time is whizzing by and I am savoring each special moment you bring to my life. However I can not slow down time and you are on your way and growing up before my eyes. Here is what I hope you learn, my love.

1.) To be PROUD to be a citizen of the United States. My heart aches for the children whose lives are severely affected by Joseph Kony- and that is only one tiny example of the tragedies that occur in other countries. We my not agree totally on what our government does but we are truly blessed and we should never forget that.

2.) You father and I will support you no matter what you choose to be when you grow up. As long as you follow your dreams and you are happy. In the past few months it has been: Paleontologist, Circus Man, Fire Fighter, and a Trash Truck Driver. long as you are happy...we are happy for you.

 3.) It is OK to get dirty...Just have fun. 

4.) It is OK to cry. Crying does not mean you are weak. We all have emotions and it is OK to express them. We all have moments of sadness and frustration-we are human.

5.) How to cook. One day your wife will appreciate it!

6.) You are only 3 and I love your enthusiasm on helping with house chores. You certainly take after your daddy. Mommy is very lucky  :) It is nice to help each other out.

7.) It is OK to indulge every once in a while.......

8.) It is important to stay active and healthy as well. 


9.) Learn how to be handy with will save you a lot of money one day.

10.) One day you will fall in love. I hope you become the kind of man your father is. Respectful and kind. Sweet and playful. A best friend. I also hope you will continue to pick your mother flowers even when you have this love in your life.

11.) When you grow up you may move away. For school, for a career, or even for a love. I hope you always remember where you came from and that our door is always open. We love you more than words could ever express. Never forget or doubt our love for you and for each other.

12.) The most important thing in life is to be yourself. UNLESS you can be Batman. ALWAYS be Batman.

13.) But remember even superhero's need their rest.

14.) If you promise to keep your love for learning and reading I promise to keep you interested. I will always make learning fun for you least for as long as I can.

15.) One day you will learn to drive. The day will come where you will pass your drivers test and be handed a license and a set of keys. Please resist the urge to "race' with your buddies... it is dangerous and careless and lots of lives have been lost that way.

16.) Be a good friend.

17.) Be nice to animals.

18.) Bad thing will happen in life. We may not always understand why..but life does go on. It is true what they say, "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger." Always keep your faith.

19.) When you smile everyone will smile with you. Never lose that charm. Be silly. Laugh loud. Love life.

With Love,