Saturday, November 13, 2010

A poem for my little boy...

Inspiration: This morning my husband took my car to get a much needed oil change. It was just me and my little boy at home. He had just eaten breakfast and was playing with his toys. As I was cleaning the kitchen up I turned and noticed he had climbed onto the kitchen chair all by himself so that he could reach his sippy cup. Usually he grabs my leg and says, "cup"...but today he did it on his own. This is for him:

The moment I laid eyes on you I knew it was love
A sweet little baby, a gift from above
Was placed in my arms all bundled with care
Our growing family, no longer just a pair

And now I see your sweet little face full innocent wonder
Believing in flying, even if it is in slumber
Chasing fireflies in the night with not a care in the world
Not sure what to make of those sparkling swirls

Through the past year you have learned how to walk
How to smile and giggle and even to talk
But there are some things in life I want you to know
To never forget as you continue to grow

Don’t ever lose your childhood dreams
Even though people may tell you they can’t be reached
Because ANYTHING is possible if you just believe
With hard work and determination it can all be achieved

But for now come to your parents, when things are too high
No need to rush to grow up when we are by your side
For as long as you can try to stay in the present
When your laughter and soul is nothing but innocent. 
                             ~Christina Zambrano 

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