Thursday, September 2, 2010

My first blog entry.....

    On May 17, 2009 my life changed forever. It was the day I became a mother. I have learned more in 15 months than I have in the past 25 years. Things like how to change a diaper and that an 8 pound three week old is somehow strong enough to bust out of the tightest swaddle. I learned that schedules are crucial to a baby’s development and that means life revolves around their schedule. I discovered that kids songs can get stuck in your head for days and that your coworkers will learn them too without you even realizing it! I learned that it is possible to love another human being more than life itself and that even on the most stressful heart breaking days two little arms around your neck is far better then the most expensive bottle of wine. Most importantly I learned to live life everyday as if it was my first.

    We’ve all heard it before… “Live each day as if it were your last” often followed by something like “because someday it will be”. But after giving birth to my son and watching him discover new things everyday I learned that it is more important to live everyday as if it was your first. We all get so caught up in life’s everyday hum drum routine that we don’t take time to stop and enjoy all the details. Seeing the way Eddie’s eyes light up when he tries to “catch” the water coming from the backyard hose just puts me in awe. In that moment he is not thinking of a to-do list…he is enjoying the moment. Cool clear water slowly trickling from the bright yellow nosel into his tiny hands. When he takes a bright orange leaf into his hand he is not worried about what time it is or what’s for dinner. He is enjoying the moment. The bright colored leaf crunching between his fingers. All of his senses are in tuned to that single moment.

    Eddie, I vow to you that I will try my hardest to live in the moment with you. Between having a career, endless piles of laundry, dusting, bills, and dinners to prepare it is sometimes hard to clear my mind and think of just one thing. But seeing you enjoy each of life’s moments with such amazement makes me want to as well. Whether it is collecting rocks and sticks for your dump truck (his new favorite thing to do) or a tee ball game in the future mommy will be there not only physically but whole heartedly! I love you so much. You are only 15 months old and I can truly say you have been my greatest teacher. I look forward to learning many more things from each other.


  1. Hi, nice to meet you, I too have been with my husband for a long time, a while before we were married, your son is adorbale!
    Let me know if you need help with blogger I in no way know it all, but can maybe help!

  2. so true.....this post really touched my heart and hit home--I think I'll go kiss my daughter while she's sleeping


  3. So beautiful! I'm very grateful you are sharing such a wonderful experience with the world. For a moment, I thought I was right there seeing little Eddie experience the "The bright colored leaf crunching between his fingers."
    It's nice to know there are parents out there that truly love their children. Thank you!