Saturday, August 24, 2013

My little one

I should have been studying but I needed to write tonight. First one in a long time. Little rusty...

Cool summer breeze
As crickets serenade
Enjoying the sunset
And sipping lemon aid 

You are flying around
Barefoot and free
Not a care in the world
Blowing kisses at me

Giggles and grass stains
Fireflies in some jars
Illuminating your face
Like tiny golden stars

You whisper your dreams
Your hopes and ambitions
I hope these you remember
Through life's many transitions 

Believe in yourself
And in others as well
Survivors pick themselves up
No matter how many times they fell

Life is not always easy
It can be downright hard
But with loved ones and God
You will get very far

And when life gets so busy
Please remember this, love
To stop an enjoy all the wonders
And beauty from above

You are never told old 
To walk barefoot in grass
And enjoy fireflies
Flickering through glass
                  Christina Zambrano 2013

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  1. Beautiful...just simply beautiful