Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Superman's mommy must have enjoyed a few cocktails....

    When my husband and I first found out we were having a baby boy we were just thrilled to be blessed with a healthy addition to our little family. As a self proclaimed girly girl and world renowned worry wort I didn't quite know what to expect. Growing up it was just my sister and myself and our days consisted of dollies with long silky hair, Barbies with enough accessories to fill two Barbie Dream Houses, and my personal favorite- playing dress-up with our mother's old dresses and high-heels.

    I understood the physiological differences between boys and girls but no "What to Expect" book could really prepare me for whirlwind I was in store for.....and he is only pushing three!!

    From the moment he began to crawl he was interested in all he could get his hands on. If we told him no just once it made it all that more appealing to him. It was not in defiance but more pure unadulterated curiosity that drove him to try to figure out what things were, how they work,  and why in world is it making mommy act like a crazy person. He will take apart his new toy in minutes only to try to put it back together. (I believe we have an engineer on our hands)

    In the end, however, it is that part of his personality I love the most. The curious, adventurous, learn from trying attitude. And with a glass of wine (or two....ok or three) at the end of the week I might be able to keep my heart from jumping out of my chest during those "learning experiences".

Top 13 Things I have Learned (So Far) From Being A Mommy Of A Boy (AKA Super Hero)

1.) Diaper changes require a certain skill and cat-like reflexes in the early months. Be prepared ..there will be at least one time that he pees on you, your hair, the dresser, and the ceiling...all while trying to get out the door for work.

2.) There will be a time in your little boy's life that you will be the most beautiful girl in the world through their eyes. Nothing melts the heart more than a little voice that says, "Mommy you pretty" with tiny arms around your neck. Enjoy it now...pretty soon they will have posters of the next Brittney Spears plastered on their bedroom walls.

3.) Those decorative throw pillows you so very carefully took the time to pick out when you first got married..ensuring it matched the decor to a T....will now be used as a landing pads for the super hero's "flight tests".

4.) Oh and those decorative throw blankets are now forts....

5.) Nothing in this world can make a boo-boo or upset tummy feel better more than mommy's kisses and hugs.

6.) Little boys play pretend too...and even dress up. However the dresses are replaced with kitchen towel "capes" and the high heels are replaced with colander "knight's armor". But don't will always play the role as the damsel in distress or princess. (I taught my little one to say Queen Bee instead of princess )

7.) Naturally little boys have more energy than little girls. They need ample time to "run off steam" during the day. I first noticed this difference at a mommy and me class when Eddie was just barely a year. He was the only little boy in class and would not sit still like the rest of the class. The teacher laughed and said, "Oh- he is all boy! I have 3 of them at home!"

8.) The trying times when you are so stressed out and fed up that you don't want to give your attention are the times your attention and affection are most needed.

9.) He will try to slide down a flight of stairs head first

10.) If you are not a bug will have to learn to embrace the fact that he is. Just think now you have another man in the house to "save" you from that giant spider.

11.) His little voice saying "I love you, Mommy" is the best sound in the whole world

12.) Every little boy needs a strong male figure to look up to. It doesn't always have to be the biological father. In Eddie's case he is lucky to have his own super hero daddy to look up to.

13.) Never underestimate the calming effects of a good cocktail at the end of the week

So tell me.....what are some things you have learned raising boys??


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  2. I read your blog and loved it! I find out in Feb. what we're having but I have a gut feeling its a boy. Your blog made me smile and got me really excited! Your such a wonderful mommy :)

  3. hi! just wanted to say, i loved your blog, def made me smile and i dont even have a boy haha. you should really start writing more, havent seen any other blogs than this. Also. have another baby and make it a girl ;)

  4. Raising a little boys is one of the most challenging but wonderful things. He keeps me level headed (b/c I too am a worry wort, of like he says: "spaz") lol... I wouldn't trade it on for anything in the world. Have fun, b/c it's just gets better! ;)